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Brothers Under the Stars by arnyia
Brothers Under the Stars
Tiger's Voyage PG 373
    They hit the beach on the eastern side of the island and searched back and forth, looking for the castle or the hedge.
    "No. No. It's not there. I'm over here. Across the water!" I shouted to the mirror, but I knew they couldn't hear me. When night fell again, I wrapped a blanket around me and sat in front of the mirror. Luselong was still searching, but my tigers were safe for the moment. Kishan's eyes closed and soon, too exhausted to keep watch, Ren's eyes closed too. I watched them wearily for a long time, and then I walked up to the mirror and traced the outline of Ren's white furry ear. 
    "You're not going to make it. He's going to wear you out. The dragon cheats, and there's not enough food to sustain the two of you. Do you hear me, Ren?" I slapped the mirror on the side of his face. "You're going to die, and who am I going to argue with then? I'll be a dragon's consort on a nonexistent island, and you'll be dragon kibble."
    A tear plopped on my cheek, and I touched the glass with my fingertip as if smoothing the fur of his brow. "It's not supposed to end this way, you know. I didn't get to say good-bye to you. to either of you. There are so many things we left unsaid." I sniffed and felt tears rolling down my face. "Please live. Please find me. I'm right here."
    I placed my hand over my heart and felt its beat. I could feel my connection to him, the tether that bound my heart to his. If i closed my eyes and concentrated, I could feel the steady thump of his heart as he rested. I pressed both palms to the mirror on either side of his head and touched my forehead to the glass while I cried. 
    My eyes felt hot and my heart heavy. Then my heart started to burn. It filled me with warmth. I dashed the tears away from my eyes and looked at the mirror. Ren was awake. He'd lifted his head off his paws, and he was staring straight at me as if he could see me. Startled, I pushed back from the mirror and gasped softly as I saw both of my hands were glowing. When I pulled them away from the glass, the red light faded. 
    Ren growled quietly and woke Kishan, then began moving. He walked out to the beach straight toward me and took a few steps into the water. He stared out into the dark waves. It was foggy, and I knew even he couldn't see the island in the dark. He lifted his head as if smelling the air, then, with a few great bounds, he leapt into the water. He started swimming forward. Kishan ran back and forth along the beach, not sure what Ren was doing, but eventually, he ran into the surf as well and started swimming alongside his brother. 
    They were coming. I clapped my hands to my mouth, sobbed in relief, and kept talking to the mirror, encouraging them to keep coming and to not give up. I pressed my hands against the glass again, but the didn't glow like before. The only thing I could do was stay awake and watch them swim in the dark water, using all the power of my mind to will them forward. 
    Silently, I prayed, asking that there would be no dark sea monster to find them. No terrible storm to overwhelm them. They swam and swam and an hour later, dragged their weary bodies onto my island and dropped down onto the sand, exhausted. they slept the rest of the night while I kept my silent vigil over them. 
This is one of my favorite scenes from Tiger's Voyage. After reading the forth book, I was inspired to do a digital painting of tigers. When I found this picture, I at first was gonna do a representation of a personal headcanon where Kelsey and Ren were Tiger's together. However the more I looked at the picture, the more it reminded me of this scene. 

This painting was comprised of three different pictures and a lot of editing. Like usual, I "borrowed" the pictures from google and the originals belong to the respective owners. 

Oh and the passage belongs to Colleen Houck 
Its just as the title says. It was old and tooo long. now, back to eso...
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